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Sunday, 15 April 2012

YOUR QUESTIONS: You state on formspring that you are not interested in gay sex 'at this point in your life' but on Adult Work you state that you 'never have done gay porn and never will' here you contradict yourself? It's referring to porn but the sentiment is the same?

I will never do gay porn. I don't enjoy watching gay porn. No problems at all with the act, I just don't find it visually stimulating. I like watching heterosexual sex and enjoy the dynamics it offers that homosexual sex does not. I have always said I will only do porn that I myself would watch. I find it hard to understand that you can't see a difference between what one is happy to do in a porn film and what one would rather indulge in in the privacy of their own home, if indeed they choose to. Indeed, I have plenty of 'gay' fans who frequently tell me they do not enjoy watching gay porn.

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