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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


On 'The Johnny Anglais Show' live tonight at 9pmGST (4pmEST):
- Shouldn't we just do away with border controls?
- Do sex workers deserve to be treated like a piece of meat?
- Nazi memorabilia: would you buy it?
- Masturbating: when, where and how often?
PLUS, your questions
AND your chance to win a signed copy of 'The Book of Political Bollocks'.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

'The Taboo of Pornography' on BBC Radio London

Johnny Anglais (AKA Benedict Garrett) contributes to the BBC Radio London documentary, 'The Taboo of Pornography' by Funmi Olutoye

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Am I a Zionist?

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I would like not to be.  And yet hundreds of years of being shunted from place to place, city to city, persecuted, abused and obliterated has proven that Christendom hasn't been practicing its biblical notion of 'loving thy neighbour' when it comes to the Jews.  When those that govern you send you to the gas chambers its probably time to say enough.  Destiny of the Jews must be in the hands of the Jews at least somewhere on the planet.

Does it have to be Israel?  In my mind, no.  It could have been anywhere.  But it IS Israel.  And, despite what Ahmedinijad says, it is here to stay.  Do I support it on all accounts?  No.  Do I agree with its treatment of its occupied Palestinian residents?  No, I do not.  But yes, I believe in the Jewish homeland and will argue for its rights to exist at any costs.

Why aren't there any Asian footballers?

Another one of my little awareness projects from my time as a teacher:

"I'm not really a great football enthusiast.  I know little about it. But I do know that there are few, if any, Asian professional footballers.  In fact, after some quick research today, I discovered there are/have been only five within recent years.  Why is this? I put this question to several students and investigated responses given by some of these five players.  Each time, the responses are the same: our families don't take it seriously, dismissing it as a waste of time and favouring more professional routes for careers; and the racism that permeates football at so many levels is particularly vicious against the Asian player.  The white male often feels weaker against the physical prowess of a black player, but sometimes sees in its Asian colleagues an easy victim who is often the recipient of racial slurs and stereotyping. Also, the lack of role models currently in the game breeds a cycle which means few young Asians see it as an achievable goal.  The argument that it is because Asians are not naturally talented at football is not acceptable.

If I'm not really into football, then why do I care?  I care because everyone deserves an equal chance in life in every sector of the community and in every industry.  Football is just my current whinge that possesses a clear gaping hole within certain ethnic minority representation. Next time it could be your industry – so watch out!  (Like anyone actually reads these blogs anyway.)

Stop the BNP - vote!

When I was still a teacher, I was publicly told off by the Headteacher for placing posters round the school urging students of a voting age, and others to pressure their parents, to vote in order to prevent the BNP from winning a seat.  Of course, as a government employee I was supposed to be impartial and fighting against discrimination and hatred, when it emanates from a legitimate political body, is not the responsibility of a teaching professional.  It didn't, however, prevent me from writing a little blog on my old website, that went like this:

"Save laughing at, and feeling superior to, the idiots who vote for, and the air-wasters who belong to, the British National Party, one feels powerless to do much about them.  In much of the country they pose little threat.  But in the London Borough of Redbridge, in neighbouring Barking & Dagenham and in Epping Forrest, they are unfortunately a real, and in some cases, growing force.  What can you do to stop them?  Simple!  Get out there and vote in every election you can.  It doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as its not the BNP.  Use your vote wisely – stop the BNP!  Visit "

Lay off the Muslims!

Here's something I recently found from an old blog I started a couple of years when I known as nothing but a good ol' high school teacher.  Just thought I'd share it with you.  I'll be digging up some other things from my past to see if and how much sense they make today and if, indeed, I still even agree with them:

"We've seen the underachievement of young black males.  We've heard about the inner-city white working class boys who aren't making the grades.  Well now its Muslim boys raising a cause for concern, at least in the London Borough of Redbridge.

Of course  'Muslim boys' is as homogenous a group as 'black males' was/is.  Encompassing all our young men whether Sunni or Shi'a, Turkish or Saudi, Pakistani or Bangladeshi.  And yet, what do they have in common?  A religion and a demonisation of specifically Muslim males which was at its height in the aftermath of 9/11 and continues to permeate society.  Islamophobia is ever-present and for British-born Muslims, society emits a array of mixed messages.  For some of them, their families tell them they are not Muslim enough, not Pakistani enough, while the media warns against becoming overly-islamised and tells us that places like Pakistani are the breeding ground of Jihadists and the Taliban.   British-born, British-raised Muslims, sometimes who have never even visited their country of family origin face these images and perceptions every day.
Muslim boys are constantly, whether it being a serious term of offence or simply a joke, labeled as 'terrorists'.  Simply possessing an Islamic name makes them target of increased suspicion, checks and interrogation by police, immigration, customs and other security services.

For most people in this country, Islamophobia means nothing. There are no Muslims in the Northamptonshire village from which I hail.  But for the sake of our Muslim boys, who are decent, innocent young souls, lay off the demonisation, lets give them something to be proud about, welcome them as part of our community and lets work with theirs and not against it."