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Sunday, 15 April 2012

YOUR QUESTIONS: What about the young boy who sees some porn star with a 10 inch dick and thinks that's the norm, and then he loses confidence and feels inadequate. Porn does not show normal sex between normal human beings, therefore it can be damaging,

I don't personally know any porn 'star' who has a 10 inch dick. I watch porn and have seen a variety of dicks and a variety of vaginas. I also a variety of bodies, ethnicities, size. If I want, I can find porn with old people, with fat people, with disabled people, with midgets. Can you direct me to a music video or fashion magazine with any of those people in? 
I am a 'normal' human being. All the people I have sex with are 'normal' human beings. Equally however, pornography is a form of entertainment, Where are the 'normal' human beings in Hollywood or even Bollywood. There all slim, gorgeous, attractive young things. Porn has its stereotypes but it also breaks the mould far more than mainstream media.
If that young boy, who has been illegally watching porn (why have his parents been allowing it?) based his body image on the porn he watches, my advice would be do widen the range of porn he watches! He will feel much happier about himself. I don't care how big Ron Jeremy is in the trouser department, there's no way I would ever wish to look like him!!!

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