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Thursday, 15 December 2011


On The Johnny Anglais Show LIVE last night at 9pm: 

- Gaga's seen Mummy & Daddy getting down and dirty. Have you?
- Where's the most exciting place you've done the deed?
- Which number are you on the Sexuality Scale?
- Should children be given sex toys?
- Is it time to ban Christmas cards?
PLUS whatever YOU want to talk about!

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Interview on BRMB (Birmingham)

Johnny Anglais is interviewed about the recent General Teaching Council decision by Caroline Martin, host of 'The Sanctuary' on Birmingham radio station, BRMB.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Johnny as Cal Chandler

OK, so I'm not going to win any singing contests, but here's proof I do do more than just get my willy out.  Here I am playing Calvin Chandler in a London production of 'The Fix':

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


On 'The Johnny Anglais Show' live tonight at 9pmGST (4pmEST):
- Shouldn't we just do away with border controls?
- Do sex workers deserve to be treated like a piece of meat?
- Nazi memorabilia: would you buy it?
- Masturbating: when, where and how often?
PLUS, your questions
AND your chance to win a signed copy of 'The Book of Political Bollocks'.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

'The Taboo of Pornography' on BBC Radio London

Johnny Anglais (AKA Benedict Garrett) contributes to the BBC Radio London documentary, 'The Taboo of Pornography' by Funmi Olutoye

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Am I a Zionist?

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I would like not to be.  And yet hundreds of years of being shunted from place to place, city to city, persecuted, abused and obliterated has proven that Christendom hasn't been practicing its biblical notion of 'loving thy neighbour' when it comes to the Jews.  When those that govern you send you to the gas chambers its probably time to say enough.  Destiny of the Jews must be in the hands of the Jews at least somewhere on the planet.

Does it have to be Israel?  In my mind, no.  It could have been anywhere.  But it IS Israel.  And, despite what Ahmedinijad says, it is here to stay.  Do I support it on all accounts?  No.  Do I agree with its treatment of its occupied Palestinian residents?  No, I do not.  But yes, I believe in the Jewish homeland and will argue for its rights to exist at any costs.

Why aren't there any Asian footballers?

Another one of my little awareness projects from my time as a teacher:

"I'm not really a great football enthusiast.  I know little about it. But I do know that there are few, if any, Asian professional footballers.  In fact, after some quick research today, I discovered there are/have been only five within recent years.  Why is this? I put this question to several students and investigated responses given by some of these five players.  Each time, the responses are the same: our families don't take it seriously, dismissing it as a waste of time and favouring more professional routes for careers; and the racism that permeates football at so many levels is particularly vicious against the Asian player.  The white male often feels weaker against the physical prowess of a black player, but sometimes sees in its Asian colleagues an easy victim who is often the recipient of racial slurs and stereotyping. Also, the lack of role models currently in the game breeds a cycle which means few young Asians see it as an achievable goal.  The argument that it is because Asians are not naturally talented at football is not acceptable.

If I'm not really into football, then why do I care?  I care because everyone deserves an equal chance in life in every sector of the community and in every industry.  Football is just my current whinge that possesses a clear gaping hole within certain ethnic minority representation. Next time it could be your industry – so watch out!  (Like anyone actually reads these blogs anyway.)

Stop the BNP - vote!

When I was still a teacher, I was publicly told off by the Headteacher for placing posters round the school urging students of a voting age, and others to pressure their parents, to vote in order to prevent the BNP from winning a seat.  Of course, as a government employee I was supposed to be impartial and fighting against discrimination and hatred, when it emanates from a legitimate political body, is not the responsibility of a teaching professional.  It didn't, however, prevent me from writing a little blog on my old website, that went like this:

"Save laughing at, and feeling superior to, the idiots who vote for, and the air-wasters who belong to, the British National Party, one feels powerless to do much about them.  In much of the country they pose little threat.  But in the London Borough of Redbridge, in neighbouring Barking & Dagenham and in Epping Forrest, they are unfortunately a real, and in some cases, growing force.  What can you do to stop them?  Simple!  Get out there and vote in every election you can.  It doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as its not the BNP.  Use your vote wisely – stop the BNP!  Visit "

Lay off the Muslims!

Here's something I recently found from an old blog I started a couple of years when I known as nothing but a good ol' high school teacher.  Just thought I'd share it with you.  I'll be digging up some other things from my past to see if and how much sense they make today and if, indeed, I still even agree with them:

"We've seen the underachievement of young black males.  We've heard about the inner-city white working class boys who aren't making the grades.  Well now its Muslim boys raising a cause for concern, at least in the London Borough of Redbridge.

Of course  'Muslim boys' is as homogenous a group as 'black males' was/is.  Encompassing all our young men whether Sunni or Shi'a, Turkish or Saudi, Pakistani or Bangladeshi.  And yet, what do they have in common?  A religion and a demonisation of specifically Muslim males which was at its height in the aftermath of 9/11 and continues to permeate society.  Islamophobia is ever-present and for British-born Muslims, society emits a array of mixed messages.  For some of them, their families tell them they are not Muslim enough, not Pakistani enough, while the media warns against becoming overly-islamised and tells us that places like Pakistani are the breeding ground of Jihadists and the Taliban.   British-born, British-raised Muslims, sometimes who have never even visited their country of family origin face these images and perceptions every day.
Muslim boys are constantly, whether it being a serious term of offence or simply a joke, labeled as 'terrorists'.  Simply possessing an Islamic name makes them target of increased suspicion, checks and interrogation by police, immigration, customs and other security services.

For most people in this country, Islamophobia means nothing. There are no Muslims in the Northamptonshire village from which I hail.  But for the sake of our Muslim boys, who are decent, innocent young souls, lay off the demonisation, lets give them something to be proud about, welcome them as part of our community and lets work with theirs and not against it."

Thursday, 20 October 2011

An Eye For An Eye... when it suits.

On Tuesday night, a report, by Fran Abrams on BBC Radio4's 'File on 4', revealed that, of 200 local councils that were asked, 191 of them disclosed that there had been over 400 allegations of physical abuse at madrassas throughout Great Britain.  Despite the huge number of allegations, only 10 cases had been to court and only two resulted in convictions.  On top of this, the BBC also discovered 30 allegations of sexual abuse over the past three years.

As those of you know who have been following me and my and my foster son's campaign, 'Azadi', to, as one of its aims, bring an end to violence in madrassas in this country (, these allegations of abuse come as no surprise to us.  However what comes as a surprise and shock to me is the ongoing reluctance by many of those in the Muslim community to do anything about it.  Its actions are echoing the decades of abuse in the Catholic church, where, for many years there, as with the madrassas now, the attitude was to sweep it under the carpet and ignore it.

There are many in the Muslim community who even perceive it as quite normal and acceptable behaviour, some parents even encourage it.  When I spoke to some former students of mine who had attended madrassa, some who still do, and asked about physical abuse, the response was "yes, it happens, so what?".

There are those who argue that the Imams and teachers at these madrassas are only carrying on practices which are commonplace in such educational institutions in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, indeed where many of them are born and have spent their training.  However, yet again, this is an example of a religious group's actions which, although may be tolerated by some or even many within its own community, is at loggerheads with the values of the system within which it now chooses to reside.

As a result of the inaction (and wide-scale acceptance) by much of the Muslim community to allegations of abuse, victims rarely report the crime.  Indeed, as Fran Abrams discovered, there are even cases where victims who have reported abuse and subsequently been ostracised by the community, despsite instances where the defendant was found guilty.  In other cases, victims who initially make allegations are pressured into dropping them, for fear of community reprisals and bringing dishonour onto the family and their community.

Whatever the official numbers of physical and sexual abuses in our country's madrassas, Nazir Afzal, the chief crown prosecutor for the North West of England, said he believed the BBC's figures represented "a significant underestimate".

What is happening in many British madrassas is a national disgrace and, furthermore, a disgrace to a religious community that is often the first to point its finger when, the so-called, 'morals' of others do not fit in with its own.  For a religion that believes in the principle of "an eye-for-an-eye", it appears only to come into practice so long as, whatever is revealed, does not bring its own religion into disrepute.

Recently, I was publicly criticised, in the Ilford Recorder, by a parent of a former student of mine, a Dr Anwar Hussein, who stated that he is:

"very angry that my child, with hundreds of other minors at Beal High, was subject to a teacher who was engaged in working in the adult sex industry, which, as a follower of Islam, I find highly immoral, repugnant and completely unacceptable and incompatible with my religious beliefs." 

Without wishing to remind Dr Hussein that this is neither a Muslim country, nor is my former employer, Beal High School, a Muslim school, it might also do him some good to hold a mirror to his own community and ask why so many of those who share his 'religious beliefs' find it acceptable to tolerate activities that go against our shared British values.  He chooses to live here.  I choose not to follow Islam, or any religion for that matter, thank you very much.  

Personally, I believe that whatever my child's teachers do outside of the classroom is entirely a matter of their choice, but the moment that teacher beats my child with a stick or touches my child in a sexual manner at any time (not to mention within the school time!!!), then I will be pulling that child from that school and bringing forward allegations without a second thought AND not giving a stuff whatever those in the rest of my community think or care about it!  

Of course, Dr Hussein is an exception to this rule.  He would be one of the few within his community who would be brave enough to speak up and take a stand against the actions of some his fellow religious compatriots, of course he would, I have no doubt.

Meanwhile, yesterday my son came home and revealed to me that one of his good friends, a fellow Pakistani, is due to be 'married off' in February next year.  The girl is 17 years old and, despite her parents wishes, does not want to be married.  Indeed, she has other plans for herself.  The parents are moving to Saudi Arabia and are insistent, prior to their move, that their oldest daughter is to be married.

It riles me to the core that so many parents, particularly, although not exclusively, within the Asian community, feel that it is their right, as a parent, to dictate the romantic and sexual lives of their children, not to mention the education and career.  These are parents who, in many cases, have chosen (for whatever reason, often economic) to live in this society, to breed in this society, to bring up children in this society, knowing full-well what the values of this society are, and yet to impose, on their British-born children, values that go totally against the values that we in Britain instill in the minds of our young British citizens.

For many years, I have been a strong supporter of multi-cultural communities.  I still am.  I have done and will always fight racism and discrimination wherever its ugly head appears.  Well over half of my friends and associates are either born elsewhere or of foreign parentage.  And, believe me, there are many cases where I would rather a foreigner as a neighbour than an ignorant, insular, inbred Brit, as so many of us are.

I also share great empathy with the many ethnic communities who originate from lands that were formerly of the British Empire.  I recognise how this country took advantage of your lands and peoples for its own selfish benefit; how you were made to believe that the Queen is your Queen, London your capital city and that you also are as British as a British-born man.  And yet, the reality, when you arrived on these shores, has been very different.  I recognise those wrongs and the mistreatment that you have been subject to for many years on these islands.

However, lets make it very clear: religion is not race.  Religion is a matter of belief and choice.  This choice, at times, you must have to justify and should be discriminated for.

Britain should absolutely open its arms to those who wish to live here and become proud, responsible citizens of this land.  But it should also make itself very clear to new arrivals, that, while they are welcome to live freely on these isles and to choose to do, to themselves, and believe, within themselves, within the privacy of their own home, whatsoever they choose (as long as it is within the laws of the land) that there are certain values of being a resident and citizen of Britain that they should respect:  those of liberalism, equality and democracy and an absolute respect for the rights of the individual (rights which extend to children too, believe it or not).  

If, for whatever reason, your own values do not gel easily with those values that we hold dear in this country, well you have a choice:  to either adhere to those values or to choose to reside in another society that shares your values.

At school, I regularly had a form member and member of my Religious Education class, who happened to be Muslim, tell me how he believed that homosexuality was a sin and how all homosexuals should be executed.  This child's parents were born in Pakistan, lived in Holland for many years and then decided, with full knowledge of the value system in our country, to move here.  My response to this student was always the same, "while I respect that is your opinion, you must recognise that this is not an opinion that is widely shared in this country. If you believe it so strongly, that it is so important to you to live in a society that shares that value, then you should choose, when you are old enough, to move yourself to a country where homosexuality is illegal and a capital offence.  It is neither of those things here and nor do we wish it to be."

The only thing that inflicting your own values and beliefs on your child will do, is to bring resentment and misery into their lives and possibly a schism in your parent-child relationship that could last a lifetime.  Is that what you really want?  

I have seen too many families ripped apart and children disowned because they tried to flex their individual rights muscles or did something that brought dishonour onto their family or their community.

Nothing is more important to me than my child.  I don't have a biological child.  I have a child I am looking after because his own parents thought it was more important to have the words of the Qu'ran literally beaten into him thousands of miles away in a madrassa in Pakistan.  

And where is that family now?  They too have fled to Pakistan for fear of what their son may say and how this may damage their own reputation and family 'honour'.

Is this the love of a parent?
Is this a community who really cares?
Is this the sign of a community who really thinks the legal activities of teaching staff outside of school are more horrific than the beating and molestation of their children within one?

An Eye-for-an-Eye?
If only.  We would see a lot of Imams and parents beaten black-and-blue by their students/children.  
If only they would be so brave. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Official Johnny Anglais 2012 Calendar

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Letter to the Ilford Recorder from disgruntled Muslim parent.

Here is a copy of a letter send to and published in the Ilford Recorder:

Ilford Recorder, Thursday September 15, 2011
Beal High School
'Unnacceptable' porn star teacher

As a Muslim parent, with a child at Beal High School, like countless parents I was dismayed, disgusted and disappointed to learn the school had appointed a male teacher, Benedict Garrett, as PHSE head of department, who it has now transpired also worked as a stripper, naked butler and a porn star, aka Johnny Anglais.

I'm very angry that my child, with hundreds of other minors at Beal High, was subject to a teacher who was engaged in working in the adult sex industry, which, as a follower of Islam, I find highly immoral, repugnant and completely unacceptable and incompatible with my religious beliefs. I know the same is true for those following other faiths.

Parents have rightly called for an independent inquiry. That this should happen in a school of all places is appalling.

Dr Anwar Hussein
New Road

Dear Dr Anwar Hussein,

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I was unaware that Beal High School was affiliated with Islam, or with any religion for that matter.

The fact that you are Muslim has absolutely no bearing on the recruitment process or the choice of teaching staff that the school selects.  If that was the case, I would assume that you would be deeply discontent to know that there are at least ten members of staff who are 'practicing' homosexuals.  But thank goodness your values do not dictate who can or cannot become a teacher!

Equally, if parents decided, based on their own values, who could and could not be a teacher, then I would object to anyone who is a strict Muslim, Jew or Christian from teaching my children based on the fact that their principles of homophobia, second class treatment of women, views of non-believers, belief in 'an eye-for-an-eye', promotion of un-safe sex practices and numerous other values that do not gel with a liberal, open-minded and tolerant society, go totally against the values I wish to instill in my child.

Parents do not dictate who can and cannot teach.  And nor should they be allowed to be.  Teachers should be employed on their ability to teach.  Whatever legal activities they indulge in outside of the classroom (be that related to their religious or sexual practices) has absolutely nothing to do with it.  If you have ANY proof I brought my outside practices into the classroom, then please, bring it forward.  Equally, the moment you, DOCTOR Hussein, bring your religion into the job and impose it on those you are professing to help, I sincerely hope someone comes down on you like a ton of bricks too.  Until then, I hope you are employed for being a brilliant doctor and not for being a believer in a fictitious entity that you allow to rule your life.

Kind regards,

Benedict Garrett / Johnny Anglais

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Johnny's reaction to ISP blocks on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire

Johnny Anglais makes another appearance on the Annie Othen Show on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire.

This time is asked to give his opinion on the recent news story, stating that the six big ISPs in the UK will give purchasers the option to block all pornography on purchase.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Another win for pornography

Yesterday, I made another appearance as an invited guest at a university debate. This time, members of The Hist society of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, had to decide whether the believed that ‘pornography damages society’.
Both sides, made up of student and guest speakers, made some excellent and valid contributions, but the opposing team made up of myself and Jessi Fischer, one of my co-speakers of the winning team at Cambridge Union Society debate on porn, came out as clear victors as members of The Hist voted against the motion.
Yet again students of one of the world’s most elite educational institutions (and this time in a land that has been so dogged by religious control and indoctrination for decades) has demonstrated that pornography is not damaging to our society. Once again the voice of reason wins through!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Episode 11 of 'Confessions of an X-rated teacher'

Recorded in January 2011.

Johnny Anglais shares his thoughts about the next stage of his attempt to rescue an ex-student from Pakistan.

Monday, 26 September 2011

What a 'tool'!

Yet again a fellow Twitterer raised the accusation that all porn degrades and is the killer of dignity.

I never deny that these things do not exist in pornography, nor that there are not pornographers who can be accused of such outcomes.  However, my first-hand experience is not reflective of this.  I have viewed all sorts of porn, including much which I may ascribe to the aforementioned descriptions.  My argument, however, is that there is nothing in the innate principle of pornography that automatically means it should necessarily adhere to any of these accusations.

The same Twitterer also made the claim that, in straight porn, women are simply 'tools' or 'objects'.

Here is my response:

"I find the 'tool' argument an ill-thought through one.  By the very nature of sex, the man gives ( the 'inserter') while the woman receives (the 'insertee').  Both, in that sense, are tools.  But he will forever be the giver and she the receiver.  No biology will ever change that. 

Control in sex is changeable.  There is porn, like there is sex, where the woman dominates and takes control.  But being the recipient or vessel for the male organ will never change.  They both need each other.  Both are 'tools'.  

Powerplay exists in any relationship of one or more person.  But power can shift and change.  Control of power does not demean or degrade the other party (although this may also occur). Power is often voluntarily relinquished or never sought.   

Too many people throw out words like 'tool', 'object' and 'objectifying' and 'degrading' without actually thinking it through.   These are knee-jerk reactions to an often complex human activity."

Friday, 23 September 2011

Another debate win and honorary membership

I was contacted in the early of hours of yesterday morning via Twitter by a follower who was excited to see me attending a debate at his college that evening.  I was somewhat confused, because I had it in my diary for next Tuesday!  After checking that I had not been victim of a blonde moment by checking the original email, I confirmed that I indeed had Tuesday correctly marked.

After frantic emails, messages and telephone calls to the debate organisers, they confessed there had been a mix-up and the debate was indeed happening later that day.

So, once again, I shunted my frame onto a pendolino bound for London town to appear at Queen Mary College (of which I am an alumni) and University of London's debate (organised by New Turn) entitled "Porn should be banned".  

It turned out I was billed as the headline speaker, so my absence would not have gone down well.

The trip was worthwhile.  As well as being given a tour of the campus, which has vastly changed since I graduated exactly ten years ago, we on the opposing team were the victors by far, with over 90% of attendees voting against the motion.

To top it, it was voted on that I should be given an honorary membership of New Turn Society ( debates, which was a proud and humbling moment for me.

It was concluded with a trip to Nandos.  Mmmm, chicken!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


On THE JOHNNY ANGLAIS SHOW last night, broadcasting live from the earlier time of 2100-2300:

- Why are shops & banks open when everyone is at work?
- Ambition: how do you know when you've got there?
- Sex ed: how much is too much?
Plus, your chance to win a signed copy of Johnny Anglais' book 'The Book of Political Bollocks'

You can call or text the show on +44-7905-779556 or email

Plus a round-up of all the latest sexuality news stories at the top-of-the-hour in 'The Sex News', presented by Randy McSeaman.

Johnny is joined in the studio by a new french-canadian co-presenter, Benoit Lefebvre.

Sponsored by

The Johnny Anglais Interview on OFM, South Africa

Johnny Anglais is interviewed by Kenzy Vinco for OFM, South Africa.

Recorded on the 6th September 2011.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

For f**k's sake, go and be a responsible father!

I despair sometimes.  I really do.

Here are exact copies of emails and my responses between me and someone called 'Mike' who was asking for my "urgent advice please?":

Dear Johnny,

I am a single parent (male) but have been recently stung by two bogus 'film industy' companies who promised me some film work if I gave them a 'registration fee' up front. They then offered work which promptly developed a last minute hitch the day before filming was due.....but apparently if I registered for another production meanwhile....etc etc

Embarassing but true, I fell for this scenario more than once, and am now in debt. Can't believe how stupid I have been. They clearly saw how desperate and gullible I was/am...

Please can you advice me how to do this legitimately; who to approach etc? I need to earn some serious cash asap to provide for my daughter (who is 5).
I am 42 but look 10yrs younger than that.
Any help you could offer would be really appreciated.



I'm sorry, but I do not believe anybody should be doing porn out of desperation. Nor do I think that porn offers the financial solution that you think it does. I really think you're barking up the wrong tree and should be targetting your efforts in other things.



Thanks for your reply. I am not doing it out of desperation I just meant that this is probably the impression I might have given and so became a 'soft target' for scams. Could you tell me the correct way in so I am not stung again, as i cannot afford to throw money away.
Given my situation, relationships are out.
I am aware that the money side of things is far from great, but i would like to get some measure of control back.
Please can you help by offering me a reliable lead?

Best wishes,

I tried to ignore.


All I want to do is try to work with a legitimate company that will not rip me off! Please advise who to contact so I can at least have a fair crack?

Best wishes,

You have a child to support. Get a reliable job. Try the job centre. Porn is not the right path. And if you have to ask what a legitimate porn company is after you've experienced what rip-off ones are, then you've clearly learnt nothing from that experience. Bearing in mind most men do not have what it takes to work in porn, your efforts should be targetted in on getting a job, any job, not on fulfilling your fantasy of becoming a porn star at the detriment of feeding your child. Go and be a responsible father.

Friday, 16 September 2011

The story the papers don't want you to hear

Funny, eh? 

Following an article that was run in the Ilford Recorder ('ve had two journalists from big papers take an interest in my story and approach their editors with articles about how I helped my son and the subsequent campaigns I am trying to raise awareness of in relation to this.  It seems neither of the editors of those papers are interested in publishing those stories. Big, bad porn man doing something to help, trying to raise awareness and make a change in a topic other than porn/sex and not posing a potential 'threat' to our innocent children doesn't seem to sell papers. 


So a big thank you for absolutely nothing yet again go to the editors of Der Sturmer (AKA the Daily Mail) for, yet again,demonstrating the right wing media's total inability to want to have a positive impact rather than the constant scare-mongering and hate-inciting bigotry it prefers to involve itself in.  

So, they couldn't help me when my son was in a desperate situation and needed to escape Pakistan and they can't help me to spread awareness now.  (Seriously wondering whether the fact it involves someone with brown skin being helped for once might actually be the problem, and not the fact I get my willy out now and then.)

Well done.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ending abuse in Madrasas (Islamic schools)

If you are a British Citizen or Resident, please take a few moments to sign my epetition calling for Parliament to discuss the ending of physical abuse against children in numerous madrasas up and down this country.

"Responsible department: Department for Education
The use of corporal punishment in the British madrasa (islamic school) system needs to end now. Due to a loop-hole in English law, currently there is a clause that still permits corporal punishment in educational establishments that have children for less than 12.5 hours a week. Madrasas are often run by Mosques (in the style of 'Sunday Schools) as a means to educate their young people about their religion and the Qu'ran. While many madrasas function respectfully in relation to their young people, there are frequent cases of physical abuse in madrasas throughout England. This needs to end now."

To sign the epetition, click on the following link and follow the instructions:

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Johnny Anglais sings 'Don't Stop The Music'

Here's a little light-hearted relief from all the recent talk of porn and nudity and teaching and private/public lives... and relax!  Sounds quality's not great, but I hope you enjoy. x

Monday, 12 September 2011

My written statement to the General Teaching Council

Below is a copy of my written statement to the General Teaching Council, submitted as part of my evidence to the GTC in preparation of, and consideration in, their hearing against me.  It is not a written version of my oral statement that I gave on the day:

I am not going to deny or dispute any of the facts of the case: 

Yes, I engaged in communication with a number of Year 10 students.
Yes, I undertook work of a pornographic nature.
Yes, I performed as a stripper in public places.
Yes, I owned a website which contained details of my work as a stripper.
Yes, I left voicemail messages on the Assistant Head Teacher’s telephone on the 4th July.
These are the indisputable facts.

However, much of this case does not hinge on fact, but on perception.

I am simply going to challenge a perception and interpretation and to offer an alternative point of view.

Let me also state that, whilst there are many aspects of the profession that I deeply enjoyed and am grateful to have spent almost four years within, it was my intent, when tendering my resignation, not to return to teaching.  This is still my intention.

Let me start by focusing on what I believe to be the most important role of a teacher and what the focus of the General TEACHING Council should be: his/her role as a ‘teacher’. 

As a teacher, I definitely had faults.  I was not the most organised or the most thorough.  Sometimes I arrived in the classroom after the bell.  Occasionally I raised my voice at students.  Now and then I forget when I was supposed to be on lunch or break duty.  But, despite my faults, I believe I was an inspirational and knowledgeable teacher who provided thought-provoking, enjoyable and challenging lessons.  I went out of my way to ensure that I took an interest in each and every one of the pupils I taught.  As was the nature of the subject of which I was a Head, I also ensured that my PSHE lessons fostered an environment whereby students felt comfortable to talk, discuss and share opinions.  As a result, I was also a member of staff that several students felt they could come and talk to about a variety of issues and concerns.  I do not apologise for this in any way. 

I contributed to the school community on many levels and was an active participant in many events throughout my time there.  As a record of some of the things that I was involved in whilst at Beal High School, I have compiled the following list:

-       organising the very first sexual health day fair to be held in a borough school
-       participant in three school musicals
-       participant in at least two school music concerts
-       organised sixth form trips to the Houses of Parliament
-       starting and running of the Jewish Society
-       introduced the East London Out Project (ELOP) into the school to aid in the combating of homophobia
-       introduced the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy as visitors into PSHE lessons
-       introduced Ashiana, an Asian women’s charity, as a visitor into PSHE lessons
-       allowed the ‘Romance Academy’ to hold workshops
-       hosted a show on Radio XL which included visitors from ELOP, the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, Hope Not Hate and Ashiana
-       set up an international schools twinning project with each tutor group of a specific year group
-       member of the school choir
-       hosted, upon request of the media department, the school’s media awards event
-       hosted, upon request, two school talent shows
-       accompanied trips to Germany, France and Spain

On top of these achievements, during my almost three years employed at Beal High School, as well as being the Head of PSHE & Citizenship, I was also teacher of A level Politics, GCSE Religious Studies, GCSE Sociology and lower school teacher of French, German and History.  In the academic year 2009-10, I was responsible for the on-going teaching of six subjects in total.  I knew of no other teacher at that school, or any other I had ever worked in, who was charged with anywhere near that number.

I do not believe that I can therefore ever be accused of having taken my role of a teacher lightly.  I was committed, capitalised on my skills and talents and took on more than my fair share of responsibility, perhaps even when I should have pushed back a little and said ‘no’.  But no-one can ever accuse me of not being an enthusiastic, pro-active and positive member of the teaching staff.

But this case has absolutely nothing to do with my teaching.  No reference has ever been made to what I did in the classroom or in my role as a teacher within the school day.

This case is not about teaching.  It is about the perception of the role of a teacher within society and the perceived impact his/her ‘private’ life can or cannot have on the institution, its students and on said society.  All of which is entirely subjective.

In this case, the main thrust of the case is the extent to which an individual who is employed as a teacher could be, or indeed should be, involved in the acts of pornography and stripping outside of his/her work hours.

I am not here to argue whether pornography is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  There are arguments both ways, but there is no evidence to prove either the positive or negative effects of pornography on an individual or on society.  It is simply a matter of opinion.  We all have our own opinions and values.  I live my life according to what I deem is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, the General Teaching Council must come to its own conclusion about what it deems ‘right’, ‘wrong’ and ‘acceptable’.  I believe it would be remiss of me if the General Teaching Council were to reach this conclusion without taking on-board the full range of views and opinions, accompanied by the relevant evidence to support these views.

In order for you to state that a teacher who involves him/herself in pornography is guilty of “undermining public trust and confidence in the teaching profession” you must therefore have evidence to prove this assertion.  If there is no evidence then it is simply a matter of opinion.  It is my opinion that it does not undermine public trust and confidence in the teaching profession.  However, this is just an opinion.  I will be providing evidence to support this opinion, to demonstrate that it is an opinion shared and supported by many and to demonstrate that there is indeed increasing evidence to demonstrate that there is an increased acceptance of such behaviour across the board within British society.  This is not proof of this assertion, but evidence of a shared opinion.
I will also be raising questions about, and highlighting inconsistencies in, your allegations and in the conduct of my previous employer and of the General Teaching Council, reviewing past cases where precedent may have been set and similar examples from other schools.

Whether you agree with it or not, since leaving Beal High School, I have remained in contact with many students from the school.  The majority of which communicate with me via Facebook.  They have absolutely every right to do so and so do I.  I have had countless students, and several parents, message me with messages of support.  I have had several others who have come to me with questions, concerns, problems and seeking advice.  No I am not a qualified counsellor, or doctor, or therapist.  I am an ex-teacher and most importantly a human being who cares and clearly, a human being that many of those people feel they can confide in and trust.

I defy anyone, anywhere in any capacity whatsoever to find any evidence to prove that I have harmed or abused a young person be it physically, sexually or mentally.  I am perfectly happy to accept that sometimes I behave in ways that some may deem ‘immature’ and ‘overly familiar’.  I accept that I have done, do and am happy to continue talking to young people about matters of a sexual nature.  But no-one can ever accuse me of abuse or involving myself either sexually or romantically in any anyway with a young person in any jurisdiction.

Beal High School, Redbridge Borough Council, the Independent Safeguarding Authority and the Child Welfare office of Hackney Council have all conducted their own investigations into me and have discovered no evidence at all to prove that I should not be permitted contact with or responsibility over young people.  Indeed, Hackney Council, in consulting with Redbridge Council and Beal High School, are entirely satisfied that I am able to look after a 17 year old boy who is currently in my care.  A boy who was an ex-student at Beal High School, who continually reported physical abuse by his step-father, was subsequently sent to Pakistan where he was further physically abused and sexually assaulted and then contacted me out of desperation in order to assist him.  A boy, who was told by his former Head of Year only weeks before he was sent to Pakistan, that he was lying about the situation at home.  A boy who was continually failed by Beal High School and Redbridge Borough and who, out of sheer desperation, has turned to me because he felt he could turn to no-one else.

It is also noteworthy that the member of staff who was this child’s Head of Year is the same member of staff who, from the moment I was a Beginner Teacher at Beal High School, disliked the fact that I had, what she called, an ‘over-familiar’ approach with the students and, as it also so happens, is the same member of staff who was my Head of department for Politics and Sociology but gave little to no support in either subjects whatsoever save for collating predicted results and in carrying out two lesson observations in my last year, the only lesson observations I ever received by any member of staff while at Beal High School.

In response to the specific allegations laid against me:

1. engaged in communication with a number of Year 10 students via text messge, email and Facebook, which was inappropriate because it fell outside the boundaries of the professional teacher/student relationship.

This was addressed over a year before I left.  I admitted absolutely to these charges and the school decided, at that time, to give me a final warning on the basis that I did not repeat the offence (which I did not between the time I was given the warning and the date that I was suspended) and to offer me counselling, which I took up.  If the school had decided that this warranted dismissal and a recommendation for proceedings with the GTC, they should have decided that at the time.  I fnd it utterly disgraceful and inappropriate that this is taken into consideration at this hearing.  It is, in my opinion, an attempt at clutching at straws in an effort to seal my guaranteed and likely removal from the register. 

I have very little more to add to these allegations that I did not already cover when the investigation was conducted back in 2009.  However, I have included, as part of the evidence, messages I received from Student A, the main student involved in the investigation, after she voluntarily contacted me soon after I was suspended.  While this evidence does not in any way take away from the fact that I was the adult and that I did indeed communicate with students in Year 10, it is evidence that goes somewhat against some of the sentiments that Student A expressed during the investigation.

2. you undermined public trust and confidence in the teaching profession by:
            a. undertaking work of a pornographic nature;
            b. performing as a stripper in public places;
            c. owning a website which contained details of your work    as a stripper;

It seems to me that there are several other issues which need to be considered in determining if taking part in pornography constitutes professional misconduct or conduct likely to bring the profession or professional institutes into disrepute.

Firstly, there is the issue of if someone did discover my participation, whether they would be offended by that. Presumably, the main way someone would discover my participation would be if they viewed pornography, which, in this country, you must be 18 or over to do legally. It seems to me to be highly unlikely that a consumer of pornography would be offended by the porn, and therefore the nudity and sexual intercourse, they are viewing or would consider the participation of someone in the porn as being morally wrong. Certainly social and cultural attitudes towards pornography are more accepting at present- so much so that the Liberal Democrats had a female candidate (Anna Arrowsmith) in the 2010 general election who is a director of porn films. Political parties generally try to avoid situations which they consider scandalous or likely to cause public outrage. It seems to me to be a reflection on current cultural and social attitudes that a political party is happy to endorse a candidate who has a long involvement in the porn industry. Furthermore, this candidate actually had an increase in votes from the previous general election for her party’s candidate which seems to me to be an indicator of the public attitudes towards pornography and those involved in pornography.

Secondly, there is the issue of whether someone who did discover my participation in the porn would consider this as a reflection on the profession of teaching or any institute that I might be involved in. I tend to think that people are more sensible than this, and cannot see how if someone did find out about my involvement how they would consider it to be any reflection on my profession, on any institute I am associated with, or indeed any reflection on my professional competence. As it stands, any participation I have had in porn (or any other aspect of my personal life) bears no relation to my professional competence.

My understanding is that ‘bringing the profession into disrepute’ would most probably apply to certain criminal activities and criminal convictions. In this instance, no criminal act has taken place. Might I also add, that I never approached any representative of any media outlet in the first instance.  My first involvement with the media was after The Sun, closely followed by the Daily Express, had been tipped-off and then hounded me outside my property.  The only people who were aware of my situation were employees of Beal High School.  When I enquired as to who had notified the newspaper, I was simply told that it was a member of the school.  I also never mentioned the name of the school in the first instance.  When I was asked to name the institution by the journalist from The Sun, I refused.  She quickly researched on the internet on her mobile device and asked me if it was “Beal High School?”, to which I responded, “If you publish that, it was not me who told you”.

Since then, I have indeed made numerous public appearances, for which I do not apologise in any way.  I am happy to offer any media outlet who is interested in my story an alternative perspective on the opinion that what I did and do is wrong.  For, as I stated earlier, this is not about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ it is about perception.  As well as participating in interviews for various forms of press across the world, I have been invited by the BBC on ‘Sunday Morning Live’ and ‘The Big Questions’, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Queen Mary College and the University of Cambridge Union to participate in debates about the issue of pornography and sex.  Interestingly, the students of the elite University of Cambridge passed the motion that ‘porn is good for society’.  Clearly, if a majority of the most intellectual of our society believes in the virtues of pornography, it cannot simply be dismissed as an activity that ‘undermines public trust and confidence’.

Therefore, various questions need to be raised if this is indeed the conclusion that the General Teaching Council is wanting to arrive at.

What is it about an individual who works as a teacher and participates in pornography and/or stripping that ‘undermines public trust and confidence’?  Is it the activity itself or the knowledge of the activity which is the problem?  If so, why would or should any human being be ashamed of being viewed in a state of nudity or in the act of sexual intercourse except for the fact that it has become a cultural ‘norm’ for human beings in this society to think along these lines, without any real justification or rationale except for a widespread embarrassment that many human beings in this society share if and when they are viewed in such a manner?

Why does the GTC find this form of legal activity unacceptable but tolerates other, but equally (if not more harmful) activities amongst its registered members?  (Including smoking, drinking, over-eating,cage-fighting and being a Dominatrix, among them.)

From where, which belief system or institution does it derive its value system to reach the conclusion that participation in these activities ‘undermines public trust and confidence’?  Is it based on a religion (if so, which one and why?), or is it based on the adherence to societal 'norms' (if so, where does it collate its evidence to support this majority-backed opinion)?  And if it is based on their support of what they believe to be a majority-based opinion, would they therefore admit to pandering to a 'mob rule' mentality?

More crucially, why is pornography perceived as something that is worthy of a sackable offence in the context of other regularly committed (and tolerated) offences by teaching professionals?

Where is the consistency in the opinion and actions of the General Teaching Council and where is the evidence to support the conclusion?

3. left inappropriate voicemail messages in the Associate Head teacher's telephone on 4 July.

I do not believe any of the message(s) I left to be inappropriate.  Obviously, I was somewhat emotional and reactionary at the time, although perfectly polite and civil and I raised various points and questions which I considered at the time, and still now, to be extremely relevant.  I do not apologise for raising them or raising them in the manner that I did.  I have every right to express myself, my concerns and my opinions in whatever manner I see fit. 

I am grateful to the General Teaching Council for giving me the opportunity to voice my concerns and giving me the opportunity to express my objection to the allegations laid against me. 

However, whilst I recognise that there are far more important issues confronting the world and, indeed, the teaching profession and the education system today, I believe this case has raised some important questions about perceptions, norms, priorities, common sense, hypocrisies, double-standards, rights and privacy, that should be addressed across our society.  I very much doubt that this case will be concluded in my favour, but, whatever the decision of the General Teaching Council as a result of this case, I am happy to raise these questions and to continue raising these questions in whichever forum I am invited to participate in the future.