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Big Brother 2012 house mate, single Dad, actor, singer, personal trainer, stripper, adult entertainer, public speaker, activist, columnist, presenter and former secondary school teacher. Canadaphile, Francophile, atheist, fighter for freedom and tolerance, real child protection, sexual liberalism, European integration and abolition of the monarchy.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

YOUR QUESTIONS: After having worked in the adult industry and having 'insider' knowledge of all the trials and tribulations of a porn star, how would you react/think you'd react if your Son was to show interest in following in your footsteps?

We have talked about many times and I often get asked. My answer is always the same. Get an education, get skills and explore the world first. If, at some point in your life, after having considered all the implication and how it could impact on all the aspects of you life, you wish to go into porn, (a legal industry in this land), then that is your choice as a free-thinking, law-abiding adult and I support you. 
If I as an adult, patron and consumer of pornography, am prepared to watch other people's sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, having sex for my entertainment and enjoyment, I must too be prepared to accept a member of my own family doing it too. If I have no moral qualms with enjoying and financially supporting, why should I have qualms with my loved ones being in it if that is what they so wish?

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