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Big Brother 2012 house mate, single Dad, actor, singer, personal trainer, stripper, adult entertainer, public speaker, activist, columnist, presenter and former secondary school teacher. Canadaphile, Francophile, atheist, fighter for freedom and tolerance, real child protection, sexual liberalism, European integration and abolition of the monarchy.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

YOUR QUESTIONS: So you don't think the answers you give here are patronising and conceited? Might I suggest you get a friend to have a look at them and let them independently advise you? It seems your sense of objectivity is, perhaps unsurprisingly, lost.

Obviously I do not. You ask me questions, I answer them. I cannot be held responsible for the reception you give my answer or how the words and sentiment appear to your eyes and mind. I thought you were attempting to have a debate along more 'academic' lines. If you are you wanting to make cheap personal digs at the quality of my answer then I'm afraid you may continue to be disappointed with any future responses you receive.

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