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Thursday, 30 June 2011

We're all immigrants

Most of us are 'immigrants' of some variety or another. Ask yourself "am I living and working in the same place where I was, by sheer chance, born in?" If not, then you are possibly taking employment, housing and opportunities from a local. Or, seen another way, you are enriching the community by adding your skills and paying local taxes. Either way, get a grip.  We all drain society as much as it gains from us, whether you're born in Kettering or Kabul. Swings and roundabouts. If you don't like them coz they look different, smell different and sound different, then just be honest with yourself and everyone else and admit to being a racist.

Conversations with a Swede

Let me share with you a little Facebook conversation with a guy named 'Johansson':
Thinking I may get more sense out of this chap!

Not Swedish Johnny - 100% British and VERY proud of it!
11 hours ago ·  ·  · See friendship

    • Johnny Anglais Well, unless you changed your name by deed poll, you are undoubtedly the descendant of Scandinavian immigrants. Not that that negates you from an opinion on the current state of immigration in this country. Just an interesting factor to bear in mind.
      11 hours ago · 

    • Stefan Johansson Am reading your comments and will respond to your assumption of that l am possibly connnected to Scandinavian immigrants after! Watched your videod comments on pornography - funny, intelligent - witty...........but lm still sitting on the fence!
      11 hours ago · 

    • Johnny Anglais 
      You have already told me you are. JOnas Offrell was Swedish. Just as long as we have that established. You are descended from a Swede. You are descended from an immigrant that arrived within the last 200 years. Just want to get that straight. Just want to get that out in the open. I mean, my family aren't, but hey, thats just me. Doesn't make me any better or worse, although, in my opinion, makes my family history a lot more boring. So there we go, Mr. Johansson, descendant of a Swedish immigrant. Its just a shame that Swedish immigrants can't be indentified by the colour of their skin, isn't it? Such a shame. Because then we would KNOW that they were descended from immigrants. Then we could single them out for racist abuse, stereotyping and bigotry, you sex-indugling, socialist-thinking, tax-loving, blond-haired, horn-hatted, Swedes! Such a shame we can't do that! But the black guy whose family came over 2-300 years ago as slaves and forced to work in Bristol or Liverpool for the slave-owner's family, well, he's still black. Makes it much easier to identify him. Thank GOD for that!!!! At least I know when I'm being racist, I got the right guy!!! But you Swedes, its like you're in disguise or something! You just can't be sure. But you're still immigrants, aren't you? You stlil come from somewhere else, don't you? Or is Sweden a county of England? Oh no, that's Swindon, its a town in Wiltshire, I always get those two confused. Swindon, Sweden. Hey, I know which one I'd rather live in. In fact, why on Earth are you still living here? With a higher standard of living, far superior health and education systems and plenty of benefits for the lazy indigenous, I would've though you'd be wanting to return toy our Swedish homeland! Its very easy, its part of the European Union, so you can just go and live there, you have the right - just one of the many benefits of being a member of the EU. And its ok, you won't be a target of racist attacks by the Swedish neo-nazis like many of the other 10% of the Swedish population who are immigrant, because you are white. Racists are pretty stupid, they find it hard to tell who is an immigrant unless you wear different skin to them. But hey, you're Swedish anyway, so what am I saying??? They'd welcome you in with open arms! Except for the fact that you don't speak Swedish. Its ok, do what every other Brit does, shout at them in slow English. Works every time. Best of luck!

      3 hours ago · 

    • Johnny Anglais Also, still trying to understand the connection of, Jonas Offrell, who was born and died in Sweden and had five children, all born in Sweden, is a Great uncle, but your last name is 'Johansson'. Talk me through that one.
      3 hours ago · 

    • Johnny Anglais And if someone of that generation was your relative, which would have to be a grandparent, seeing as your last name is 'Johansson', it would mean that you were at least 6.25% foreign, thereby, in fact, making you only 93.75% British.
      3 hours ago · 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Performing at Popcorn - Pride Monday 4th July

Closing the festivities from this year’s London pride we deliver a night of fantastic djs, live music, performance and celebration!

This is Always one of the most hotly anticipated parties of the summer season!

The main floor brings you djs jonesey, the sharp boys and Jamie Hammond for 7 hour progressive house frenzy with live vocals and percussion from tonnic and david h

International choreographer mincemeat serves up another fantastic series of shows with the world famous heaven dancers and a very naughty performance from renowned adult star Johnny Anglais.

With mind blowing light & laser shows.

Britain deserves its immigrants

While in a particularly argumentative mood on my Facebook profile, one of my FB friends posted the following:

Ok Johnny, debatable subject for you! Do you think that the NHS would be more stable had our government not taken in countless (by their own admission) thousands of "immigrants" who, not only have contributed sweet FA to our economy, but "work" the system to the extent that the elderly British citizen, having worked all their lives, therefore are fully paid up members of society, have to wait months for medical treatment because, and, lve witnessed it, "immigrants" complain that they are not treated first because, l quote, "doctor make me wait because l am not English" the fact that in some cases "immigrants" know they will get the full support from the Racial Equality Commisson.

Here was my response:

Right, here goes. Let me start by stating that my view on immigration in this country is perhaps a little warped but perfectly logical. I will get to the NHS later, but first it is important for you to understand my overall view on immigration for you to see how I then relate it to the NHS. 

Let me also state that I have no vested interest. As much as I would like to, I have no traceable foreign blood as far as we know. On my Dad's side, for at least 100 years and on Mother's, for well over 500. So, despite realising that we are all immigrants at some point or another, and as much I sometimes wish not to be, I am as 100% British as I suppose anyone who is 100% British can claim to be. 

So, that gets that out of the way. 

However, I recognise that for hundreds of years, the British state, under several monarchs and successive governments, travelled around the world, conquering strange lands, 'colonising' ancient civilisations and peoples, enslaving them, pillaging their lands, forcing them into enclaves and ghettos, ripping them from their families, killing them with their diseases, their alcohol and with the barrel of a gun. 

The Commonwealth: Britain's source of cheap or free labour for hundreds of years.  And how to we thank them?  We tell them to 'f*** off!*.  Nice.

It is because of this 'colonisation' and exploitation that Britain became a world superpower, in both might and wealth and still today we are living off the riches and the reputation that those 'golden' days brought us. 

Unfortunately, the past cannot be separated from the present. As far as I see it, if Britain 'suffers' more than it gains because of waves of immigration, then it is no more that what it deserves. I see it simply as a come-uppance for its centuries of assuming that 'might is right' and 'right is white'. 

Of course, I get frustrated by some of the impacts of immigration. I find some immigrants rude, lazy and arrogant. But give me one immigrant like that and I will show you ten 'indigenous' Brits who are like that and frustrate me even more. A young black boy in a gang, who exerts behaviour that can only be described as 'anti-social, of Jamaican decent is still, although it is no excuse for his behaviour, dealing with the ripple-effect of the slave-trade. Whole generations of men ripped from their wives, their masculinity lost and their collective ability to understand how to be a decent father, as opposed to being forced to being a seed-spreader by their slave owner, is still one of the main reasons why many young black boys lack the male role models that can instill the sorts of values that we expect and tolerate in the West. A white boy like that, is just, very often, a lazy shit who, like his parents, think the world owes him something. It doesn't. 

So, as for waiting to be served by the NHS, I'm afraid, as much it may frustrate me, because impatience is human nature, my logic and understanding, much like that with the Jamaican gang member above, tells me to grin and bear it. As for your point about immigrants not contributing to this country, I think you will find that they have, first of all, and without serious numbers of immigrants come into the country and having babies, you and I will be out of a pension, coz the natives just aren't popping enough!!!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cambridge Porn Debate: Full video now online

Shelley Lubben and I: Both porn 'stars', but both with very different views on porn.
You can now catch the whole of the Cambridge Union Society's debate, ' This House believes pornography does a good public service', online at:

Feel free to watch the whole thing, or if you want to fast forward to my speech, you can find it at 55:10.

Do you think porn won the day?  Thoughts please.