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Friday, 23 September 2011

Another debate win and honorary membership

I was contacted in the early of hours of yesterday morning via Twitter by a follower who was excited to see me attending a debate at his college that evening.  I was somewhat confused, because I had it in my diary for next Tuesday!  After checking that I had not been victim of a blonde moment by checking the original email, I confirmed that I indeed had Tuesday correctly marked.

After frantic emails, messages and telephone calls to the debate organisers, they confessed there had been a mix-up and the debate was indeed happening later that day.

So, once again, I shunted my frame onto a pendolino bound for London town to appear at Queen Mary College (of which I am an alumni) and University of London's debate (organised by New Turn) entitled "Porn should be banned".  

It turned out I was billed as the headline speaker, so my absence would not have gone down well.

The trip was worthwhile.  As well as being given a tour of the campus, which has vastly changed since I graduated exactly ten years ago, we on the opposing team were the victors by far, with over 90% of attendees voting against the motion.

To top it, it was voted on that I should be given an honorary membership of New Turn Society ( debates, which was a proud and humbling moment for me.

It was concluded with a trip to Nandos.  Mmmm, chicken!

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  1. toi rat hai long ve nhung gi ban lam nhung co le toi nghi la dung nhung khong phai la hoan toan ,vi vay toi khong phan doi