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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Am I a Zionist?

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I would like not to be.  And yet hundreds of years of being shunted from place to place, city to city, persecuted, abused and obliterated has proven that Christendom hasn't been practicing its biblical notion of 'loving thy neighbour' when it comes to the Jews.  When those that govern you send you to the gas chambers its probably time to say enough.  Destiny of the Jews must be in the hands of the Jews at least somewhere on the planet.

Does it have to be Israel?  In my mind, no.  It could have been anywhere.  But it IS Israel.  And, despite what Ahmedinijad says, it is here to stay.  Do I support it on all accounts?  No.  Do I agree with its treatment of its occupied Palestinian residents?  No, I do not.  But yes, I believe in the Jewish homeland and will argue for its rights to exist at any costs.

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