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Monday, 26 September 2011

What a 'tool'!

Yet again a fellow Twitterer raised the accusation that all porn degrades and is the killer of dignity.

I never deny that these things do not exist in pornography, nor that there are not pornographers who can be accused of such outcomes.  However, my first-hand experience is not reflective of this.  I have viewed all sorts of porn, including much which I may ascribe to the aforementioned descriptions.  My argument, however, is that there is nothing in the innate principle of pornography that automatically means it should necessarily adhere to any of these accusations.

The same Twitterer also made the claim that, in straight porn, women are simply 'tools' or 'objects'.

Here is my response:

"I find the 'tool' argument an ill-thought through one.  By the very nature of sex, the man gives ( the 'inserter') while the woman receives (the 'insertee').  Both, in that sense, are tools.  But he will forever be the giver and she the receiver.  No biology will ever change that. 

Control in sex is changeable.  There is porn, like there is sex, where the woman dominates and takes control.  But being the recipient or vessel for the male organ will never change.  They both need each other.  Both are 'tools'.  

Powerplay exists in any relationship of one or more person.  But power can shift and change.  Control of power does not demean or degrade the other party (although this may also occur). Power is often voluntarily relinquished or never sought.   

Too many people throw out words like 'tool', 'object' and 'objectifying' and 'degrading' without actually thinking it through.   These are knee-jerk reactions to an often complex human activity."

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