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Sunday, 18 September 2011

For f**k's sake, go and be a responsible father!

I despair sometimes.  I really do.

Here are exact copies of emails and my responses between me and someone called 'Mike' who was asking for my "urgent advice please?":

Dear Johnny,

I am a single parent (male) but have been recently stung by two bogus 'film industy' companies who promised me some film work if I gave them a 'registration fee' up front. They then offered work which promptly developed a last minute hitch the day before filming was due.....but apparently if I registered for another production meanwhile....etc etc

Embarassing but true, I fell for this scenario more than once, and am now in debt. Can't believe how stupid I have been. They clearly saw how desperate and gullible I was/am...

Please can you advice me how to do this legitimately; who to approach etc? I need to earn some serious cash asap to provide for my daughter (who is 5).
I am 42 but look 10yrs younger than that.
Any help you could offer would be really appreciated.



I'm sorry, but I do not believe anybody should be doing porn out of desperation. Nor do I think that porn offers the financial solution that you think it does. I really think you're barking up the wrong tree and should be targetting your efforts in other things.



Thanks for your reply. I am not doing it out of desperation I just meant that this is probably the impression I might have given and so became a 'soft target' for scams. Could you tell me the correct way in so I am not stung again, as i cannot afford to throw money away.
Given my situation, relationships are out.
I am aware that the money side of things is far from great, but i would like to get some measure of control back.
Please can you help by offering me a reliable lead?

Best wishes,

I tried to ignore.


All I want to do is try to work with a legitimate company that will not rip me off! Please advise who to contact so I can at least have a fair crack?

Best wishes,

You have a child to support. Get a reliable job. Try the job centre. Porn is not the right path. And if you have to ask what a legitimate porn company is after you've experienced what rip-off ones are, then you've clearly learnt nothing from that experience. Bearing in mind most men do not have what it takes to work in porn, your efforts should be targetted in on getting a job, any job, not on fulfilling your fantasy of becoming a porn star at the detriment of feeding your child. Go and be a responsible father.


  1. I don't know how you've got the patience to engage at all, to be honest.

  2. Actually I don't see why not let him tumble more on that path cause one've got to experience more to learn more. You've warned him. If he insists, I'd say let him try his luck, as long as he wouldn't blame you for any bad outcome.