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Friday, 16 September 2011

The story the papers don't want you to hear

Funny, eh? 

Following an article that was run in the Ilford Recorder ('ve had two journalists from big papers take an interest in my story and approach their editors with articles about how I helped my son and the subsequent campaigns I am trying to raise awareness of in relation to this.  It seems neither of the editors of those papers are interested in publishing those stories. Big, bad porn man doing something to help, trying to raise awareness and make a change in a topic other than porn/sex and not posing a potential 'threat' to our innocent children doesn't seem to sell papers. 


So a big thank you for absolutely nothing yet again go to the editors of Der Sturmer (AKA the Daily Mail) for, yet again,demonstrating the right wing media's total inability to want to have a positive impact rather than the constant scare-mongering and hate-inciting bigotry it prefers to involve itself in.  

So, they couldn't help me when my son was in a desperate situation and needed to escape Pakistan and they can't help me to spread awareness now.  (Seriously wondering whether the fact it involves someone with brown skin being helped for once might actually be the problem, and not the fact I get my willy out now and then.)

Well done.

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