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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New York City Strolling

Its my first time in New York City.  I cannot contain my excitement.  I have a quick wash to freshen up then, while I wait for my manager to arrive from JFK Airport, I decide to take a little stroll to the most iconic of New York City landmarks, Times Square.  It certainly puts Piccadilly Circus to shame, although both suffer from being over-priced tourist traps and ridden with hawkers.

My manager's taxi finally arrives.  He blamed his longer than expected delay on queues at immigration.  Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised how swift and amicable the immigration process and officers were at Newark.

I am disappointed with myself.  I have always held much criticism for aspects of the USA, but I can't seem to stop myself from loving almost everything about this city so far.  Damn you, New York!  With that level optimism, I decide, despite his sore legs, to drag my manager around the city on a little walking tour through Hell's Kitchen and over to the banks of the Hudson River.

Of all places, I thought I would be 'safe' from getting recognised in NYC.  However, as soon as we reach the Hudson River I hear the dulcet tones of two Yorkshire sisters screaming "Its Benedict!  Can we have a picture?".  When I return to the hotel, I receive a tweet from an American follower from Chicago, in New York to see a friend, who also claims to have spotted me on the streets of NYC, identifying me by my clothes and my manager.  What a small world!

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