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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Interview for ABC's 2020

The day has arrived!

My manager and I rise early and head over to the location for today's interview for ABC's 2020 show.  Luckily, its just a few blocks along on 49th Street, but even the short walk in the morning humidity while dressed in a suit, brings on a real sweat.

The location is owned by an artist, a typical New York City townhouse/warehouse/artist's studio.  We ascend to the top floor in a huge elevator, big enough to take an entire car, although I do doubt ABC's Health & Safety Department would have approved.

I finally get to meet producer, Susie (a British-American who has lived between New York and London for many years, but now settled in Connecticut) and the lady who will be interviewing me, Amy Rombach.

The interview lasts for an hour and, I have to say, goes exceedingly well.  Although my manager advises me that the section where I say "whacking one off" may not be broadcastable on American TV.  Oh well.

The interview will be airing on a 2020 special all about teachers who have ventured into the world of adult entertainment and how this has impacted on their lives and their careers.  It should air on September 14th.  Parts of the show will also be aired on Nightline and Good Morning America.

Alex Rombach, 2020 Host

Susie, 2020 producer

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