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Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Guilty Secret in a Spray Can

It seems I'm getting into quite a habit of confessing a few little secrets in my life, past and present.  But seeing as the whole world is aware of things I tried to keep quiet about for the last few years, there seems little point in holding back on anything else.

Do not believe everything you see and hear.  Airbrushing and make-up conceal a multitude of sins.  And although I know that there have been pictures of me edited to the point of almost non-recognition and that I do indulge in a little mascara and foundation now and then, my guilty secret serves to conceal a more lofty condition.  Today, boys and girls, let me confess to you this:

I suffer from male pattern baldness.

There, I've said it.  I'm a baldie.  I'm thinning on top.  I'm losing my mop.  But, dear people, that is not my secret.

I am here to tell you now that the solution to male pattern baldness is not as drastic as transplant surgery.  The answer is found in a spray can that comes from Australia.

Let me introduce you to the wonder product that is 'MANE' - the hair thickener, that "Gives your hair a fuller, natural appearance in seconds". It comes in a range of 11 colours and is suitable for both men and women.  And for those of you that live in London, you can get your can from the lovely people at 'Charles Fox' in Covent Garden.  For the rest of you, you can order online at .

So if you want a little help with problems up above, why not take a little help from Down Under?

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