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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Abuse & Lies from the Big Brother Bully

So, it starts again, after another wave of abuse from some of the idiots in Derry after I make a comment about remembering the war dead for more than 2 minutes on 11th November.  Now, former BB House'mate', Conor McIntyre, one of Derry's 'celebrated' citizens, wishes AIDS upon me and then claims I threatened to rape all the female members of his family.  News to me!

Clearly, I was naive and overly optimistic to believe that his on-going tirade towards Deana in the BB may have been a one-off and that he could have, possibly, learnt from that mistake and improved.  Sadly, that has not been the case at all, continuing, as he does, to hold childish grudges against anyone who dares criticise him; insulting and threatening them in the same brutish way we had all become accustomed to through witnessing his actions on national television.

He has since deleted the AIDS commented, after a backlash from some of his more conscientious followers (which, apparently, although hardly surprisingly, numbers very few), but here it is, cemented in cyber space for us all to see, including my lawyer when I go and chat with him tomorrow:


  1. Conor should delete this post and two this isn't a joke because they are millions who died with HIV or living with HIV/AIDS. I think Conor should say sorry to Benedict and to all the people who is suffing with HIV.