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Thursday, 25 August 2011

THE BIG GAY DAY on 'The Johnny Anglais Show'

On today's THE JOHNNY ANGLAIS SHOW @ 2200, in celebration of this week's pride events in Manchester, today is 'The Big Gay Day':

- Is bisexuality real?
- Why is all porn obsessed with the 'A'?
- Should straight people work in gay companies or for gay events?
- Can we now declare Britain a 'gay friendly' zone?
- Are you going to Manchester Pride?

Plus a round-up of all the latest sexuality news stories at the top-of-the-hour in 'The Sex News', presented by Randy McSeaman.

Johnny is joined in the studio by a new french-canadian co-presenter, Benoit Lefebvre.

'The Johnny Anglais Show' is a topical talk and debate show presented by Johnny Anglais, teacher-turned-adult-entertainer. Topics explored tend to be those of an adult nature but there is no limit to what could be on the cards.

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