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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Britain deserves its immigrants

While in a particularly argumentative mood on my Facebook profile, one of my FB friends posted the following:

Ok Johnny, debatable subject for you! Do you think that the NHS would be more stable had our government not taken in countless (by their own admission) thousands of "immigrants" who, not only have contributed sweet FA to our economy, but "work" the system to the extent that the elderly British citizen, having worked all their lives, therefore are fully paid up members of society, have to wait months for medical treatment because, and, lve witnessed it, "immigrants" complain that they are not treated first because, l quote, "doctor make me wait because l am not English" the fact that in some cases "immigrants" know they will get the full support from the Racial Equality Commisson.

Here was my response:

Right, here goes. Let me start by stating that my view on immigration in this country is perhaps a little warped but perfectly logical. I will get to the NHS later, but first it is important for you to understand my overall view on immigration for you to see how I then relate it to the NHS. 

Let me also state that I have no vested interest. As much as I would like to, I have no traceable foreign blood as far as we know. On my Dad's side, for at least 100 years and on Mother's, for well over 500. So, despite realising that we are all immigrants at some point or another, and as much I sometimes wish not to be, I am as 100% British as I suppose anyone who is 100% British can claim to be. 

So, that gets that out of the way. 

However, I recognise that for hundreds of years, the British state, under several monarchs and successive governments, travelled around the world, conquering strange lands, 'colonising' ancient civilisations and peoples, enslaving them, pillaging their lands, forcing them into enclaves and ghettos, ripping them from their families, killing them with their diseases, their alcohol and with the barrel of a gun. 

The Commonwealth: Britain's source of cheap or free labour for hundreds of years.  And how to we thank them?  We tell them to 'f*** off!*.  Nice.

It is because of this 'colonisation' and exploitation that Britain became a world superpower, in both might and wealth and still today we are living off the riches and the reputation that those 'golden' days brought us. 

Unfortunately, the past cannot be separated from the present. As far as I see it, if Britain 'suffers' more than it gains because of waves of immigration, then it is no more that what it deserves. I see it simply as a come-uppance for its centuries of assuming that 'might is right' and 'right is white'. 

Of course, I get frustrated by some of the impacts of immigration. I find some immigrants rude, lazy and arrogant. But give me one immigrant like that and I will show you ten 'indigenous' Brits who are like that and frustrate me even more. A young black boy in a gang, who exerts behaviour that can only be described as 'anti-social, of Jamaican decent is still, although it is no excuse for his behaviour, dealing with the ripple-effect of the slave-trade. Whole generations of men ripped from their wives, their masculinity lost and their collective ability to understand how to be a decent father, as opposed to being forced to being a seed-spreader by their slave owner, is still one of the main reasons why many young black boys lack the male role models that can instill the sorts of values that we expect and tolerate in the West. A white boy like that, is just, very often, a lazy shit who, like his parents, think the world owes him something. It doesn't. 

So, as for waiting to be served by the NHS, I'm afraid, as much it may frustrate me, because impatience is human nature, my logic and understanding, much like that with the Jamaican gang member above, tells me to grin and bear it. As for your point about immigrants not contributing to this country, I think you will find that they have, first of all, and without serious numbers of immigrants come into the country and having babies, you and I will be out of a pension, coz the natives just aren't popping enough!!!!

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