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Big Brother 2012 house mate, single Dad, actor, singer, personal trainer, stripper, adult entertainer, public speaker, activist, columnist, presenter and former secondary school teacher. Canadaphile, Francophile, atheist, fighter for freedom and tolerance, real child protection, sexual liberalism, European integration and abolition of the monarchy.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

'Daisy' Movie Premiere

New  film that tells the real story of British porn star, Daisy Rock, and stars Benedict Garret (as his porn alias 'Jonny Cockfill') made its world premiere at Komedia in Brighton yesterday.

Arriving just a few minutes late, having chauffeured the film's namesake from London, Daisy and I located at our seats at the centre table.  We sat amongst a crowded Komedia, waiting to finally see the much anticipated premier of 'Daisy', a real life account of a moment in the life of Daisy Rock as she travels to Ibiza to what will be her last ever porn shoot, following the antics of her and her fellow porn performers, myself amongst them.

Beautifully shot and directed by Jamie Patterson of Jump Start Productions, it is one of the best insights into the highs and lows of the porn industry I have seen in recent times, as biased as that may be.

The film was enthusiastically received by all in attendance.  To get your copy for just £7.99 and see what you're missing, visit .

Friday, 10 August 2012

Last Bite of the Big Apple

Its the final day in NYC and we have a few hours to kill, so we venture up 5th Avenue and decide to take a pleasant stroll in Central Park.  Pleasant, that is, until the relentless New York sun decided to... well, relent.  Grey clouds were quickly followed by heavy downpours.  I know I should have brought a hat, my hair thickener ran half way down my face.  I looked more like a member of the SAS than your typical British tourist abroad.  I don't think anyone noticed... much.

Here's a picture taken at the corner of 5th Avenue and Central Park, before the hair disaster:

Well, its been an amazing experience, although far too brief.  I too hope I will be back in NYC some time soon and for longer.  See you all on the other side of the pond!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

2 wheels better than 4

Interview done and we only have one night left in NYC before we have to fly back to Blighty.  So its time to see as much of the city as we can in the short amount of time we have remaining.  So we hire bicycles and complete a 12 mile route following the cycles paths along the Hudson and East Rivers, before cutting back through Manhattan on the busy (and suicidal) 42nd Street.

Interview for ABC's 2020

The day has arrived!

My manager and I rise early and head over to the location for today's interview for ABC's 2020 show.  Luckily, its just a few blocks along on 49th Street, but even the short walk in the morning humidity while dressed in a suit, brings on a real sweat.

The location is owned by an artist, a typical New York City townhouse/warehouse/artist's studio.  We ascend to the top floor in a huge elevator, big enough to take an entire car, although I do doubt ABC's Health & Safety Department would have approved.

I finally get to meet producer, Susie (a British-American who has lived between New York and London for many years, but now settled in Connecticut) and the lady who will be interviewing me, Amy Rombach.

The interview lasts for an hour and, I have to say, goes exceedingly well.  Although my manager advises me that the section where I say "whacking one off" may not be broadcastable on American TV.  Oh well.

The interview will be airing on a 2020 special all about teachers who have ventured into the world of adult entertainment and how this has impacted on their lives and their careers.  It should air on September 14th.  Parts of the show will also be aired on Nightline and Good Morning America.

Alex Rombach, 2020 Host

Susie, 2020 producer

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New York City Strolling

Its my first time in New York City.  I cannot contain my excitement.  I have a quick wash to freshen up then, while I wait for my manager to arrive from JFK Airport, I decide to take a little stroll to the most iconic of New York City landmarks, Times Square.  It certainly puts Piccadilly Circus to shame, although both suffer from being over-priced tourist traps and ridden with hawkers.

My manager's taxi finally arrives.  He blamed his longer than expected delay on queues at immigration.  Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised how swift and amicable the immigration process and officers were at Newark.

I am disappointed with myself.  I have always held much criticism for aspects of the USA, but I can't seem to stop myself from loving almost everything about this city so far.  Damn you, New York!  With that level optimism, I decide, despite his sore legs, to drag my manager around the city on a little walking tour through Hell's Kitchen and over to the banks of the Hudson River.

Of all places, I thought I would be 'safe' from getting recognised in NYC.  However, as soon as we reach the Hudson River I hear the dulcet tones of two Yorkshire sisters screaming "Its Benedict!  Can we have a picture?".  When I return to the hotel, I receive a tweet from an American follower from Chicago, in New York to see a friend, who also claims to have spotted me on the streets of NYC, identifying me by my clothes and my manager.  What a small world!

Room With A View

Just checked into my hotel on West 49th Street, just a few streets north of Times Square.  Its called 'The Pearl' and here's a few pictures from my room on the 15th floor:

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Benedict to fly to NYC for ABC interview

Benedict is set to fly to New York City tomorrow to be interviewed on the top rating US TV network, ABC for their award-winning 20/20 show.  He will be discussing his life as a teacher and porn performer.  It will be aired in the USA in September.  Highlights of the show will also be aired on 'Good Morning America'.

Benedict stars in London comedy play

This hilarious adult comedy tells the story of three gay men who spend all their lives on an online dating website.

Unlucky in love Grant (Matt Evers) enlists the aid of his friend Caroline (Nikki Zilli) to take 
some nude pictures that might enhance his online dating profile. His flamate Costas 
(Benedict Garrett), a spanish nudist, has endless success with the site and even Julian, his neighbour with a Shirley Bassey fixation appears to get a fair share of the virtual action.

What happens when Grant falls in love with the handsome stranger Scott (Marc Gee-Finch)? How does Julian end up naked wrapped in clingfilm? And is getting a shag really like ordering a pizza?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Last night's 'Benedict's Box'

If you missed last night's episode of 'Benedict's Box', you can catch it right here!  It includes a Q&A session with Benedict's foster son, Jay-J:

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Benedict to appear in new film


Benedict Garrett plays 'Steelo' the stripper, who becomes ove interest of one of the bridesmaids and, believe me, we you get to see an awful LOT of him!!!

The Hen Night scene dancing with Rhoda Montemayor