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Friday, 14 September 2012

Up4aMeet Press Night

 Thursday 6th of September 2012 was Press Night for the play that I am in, 'Up4aMeet'.  It was well attended and seemed to go down well with the audience.  I was supported by some of my ex-Big Brother housemates and a few friends from stage, screen and the world of fashion.  Here's a selection of pictures of the post-performance celebrations at Auberge in Waterloo:

The cast of 'Up4aMeet'
L-R: Michael Blore (Julian), Penny Tasker (Caroline), David Adkin (Producer), Marc Gee-Finch (Scott), Matt Evers (Grant) and Me (Costas)

L-R: Martin McCarthy (actor/dancer), Andy Scott-Lee (singer), Adam Kelly, Luke Anderson (BB 2012 winner), Vanessa Kelly, Me, David Walker-Smith (Director of Menswear at Selfridges), Lydia Louisa, Jeff Leach (comedian), Becki Anderson

L-R: Luke Anderson, Adam Kelly, Vanessa Kelly, Me, Andy Scott-Lee, Jeff Leach, Becki Anderson, Lydia Louisa.

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